Sunday, September 10, 2017

12 Mini Blocks and Other Progress

Making the mini blocks is just enough to keep me happy as I continue to work on projects around the house.  I may have gotten a bit too interested in making the mini blocks to the detriment of other projects.  And, while sorting fabrics mini-blocks around, ended up with one "lost."  

I had to go back through several piles of sorted fabrics to locate it eventually but not before I made a second one because I thought it was lost forever.  I also goofed up with a broken dishes block where I didn't pay close enough attention to the placement of the half-square triangles and ended up with another pinwheel block.   But that's okay because I am NOT cutting 180 - 1 1/8th" squares and making five 6-patch blocks (link).  Not happening!

I want to end up with 16 mini blocks and, after going thru all the historic/1800s fabrics... I will use what I have on hand rather than shopping for sashing fabric.   I am making progress on emptying the two tables but it's slow... everything has to be sorted and put away in an organized manner so I can find it again.  This table was piled at least a foot high with fabrics, batting, sewing stuff, etc. that needed sorting.... hope to get it finished this weekend.

I also finished the hat for a friend in Texas who has just finished with chemo but still has radiation therapy going on.  I liked how the flower and leaves turned out... that's one pattern I will definitely use again!


  1. I like your hat - where did you get the pattern? And your sweet little blocks are great.
    Had to read the part of the post to my hubby about your table. He thinks my sewing room is messy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, make the minis your own style/design/arrangement. And yours looks great!

  3. I think your mini blocks look really good! Do with them as you choose--I sure did. :)
    Nice job on the hat. Very thoughtful of you. I'm sure it will be appreciated.