Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

Yesterday, I had to drive to north Raleigh, NC for an appt with a Workers Comp-approved doctor about my thumb.  My daughter met me in Cary and went with me to the appt.  We did a little shopping and had lunch before the appt.  

I can't believe the sales going on... especially in JoAnn's where we went looking for wide holiday ribbon for a project my daughter has in mind.   Me... I wanted to pick up a couple of bottle brush trees for the manger next to the feather tree..... and I found a set of 7 trees (and 2 "shrubs") for $20 at 60% off!   I snapped that right up!

I remembered I had seen a cool tutorial on Pinterest where you can bleach and dye the bottle brush trees but opted not to tackle that this year.  However, I'd like to share the tutorial with you because if you'd like pastel trees...

Photo courtesy of Makin' Projiks

... it's easy to do as well.   These are the exact trees I purchased yesterday but there are lots of different brands available...  and you can choose any colors you'd like.

Photo courtesy of Craftnosis

Pretty much the bleaching and dying involves a couple of "baths"...
 Photo courtesy of Craftnosis
Complete instructions are found HERE.

 Photo courtesy of The Simple Things
There is a cool video tutorial on Elderberry Street if you'd like to do something super fancy!   And then the decorating is up to you....

 Photo courtesy of One Lucky Day

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another proud aunt momentJoin us tonight for Coast Guard: HMS Bounty Rescue starting at 8/7c. We have the honor of hosting a live chat with Lt. Jenny Fields. She is a pilot at Air Station Elizabeth City and was piloting one of the rescue crews in the HMS Bounty mission.
Do you have questions for Lt. Fields about the rescue mission during Hurricane Sandy? She will be answering your questions live tonight for one hour starting at 8/7c during the special. Please join us.  (If you have questions for Lt. Jenny, please ask them on The Weather Channel Facebook page and not here. Thank you.)


  1. How exciting! I can see why you are proud.

  2. You have every right to be a proud aunt!
    I have never seen the trees bleached like this. It is a whole new look and there are some cool things you can do with them in their varied shades. Fun!

  3. I love your wee trees. I can't see myself ever dying bottle brushes but they do look really sweet. :o)

  4. I use zillions of the trees in the train club displays, and would love to have a variety of colors! Awesome.

    And your Proud Auntness is absolutely allowed!

  5. Your Christmas display looks so pretty, love the tree. Going to out today, might stop at Joann although I don't need a thing, but I'm sure I'll find something. Hope your doctors appt. went well. Hugs.

  6. I hope the visit with the WC "approved" doctor went well and things were resolved to you satisfaction!

    I'm not game to go near the shopping centers but I guess I have to finish my Christmas shopping sometime!

  7. Thank you for posting that bleaching tutorial!

  8. So wonderful that your niece is getting this recognition.

  9. Your niece is so cool! I know you are proud.
    I hope your meeting was productive. You need a break!
    Hope you are on the mend.