Saturday, December 22, 2012

One last project....

...however, it's not a Christmas present!   Just another quilt in my "Everyone in the Family is Going to Have a Quilt if it Kills Me!" project.... this one for a nephew who will be here with his family for New Years.

After sewing the back together, I have the quilt sandwich ready to pin... project for this evening!   Quilting will begin tomorrow.

No, this is not my house...  it just looks Christmas-y...'
not that it ever snows here at Christmas... so I guess you could say...
I'm dreaming of a...


  1. I have made it a point NOT to give everyone in my family a quilt. There are just too many of them!
    Good for you to do this for your family!!
    Thanks for the giggles with the singing Santa and reindeer. : )

  2. Those jellyrolls make nice guy quilts... I might have to break one out soon. And funny, I used the same fishy fabric a couple days ago! You'll be done in plenty time.

  3. You're so ambitious! I love that! Most of my family is still waiting....and waiting! Oh well! I'll get to them one day! Thanks for the cute! What a riot when Santa tosses the mic to his other hand! Ha! lol

  4. There's no point in dreaming of a white Christmas when the temperature is always over 90*,

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed 2013.

  5. I'm hoping to eventually make everyone in my family a quilt, too. My goodness. We are two ambitious ladies :D

  6. Just love your quilt and that backing is gorgeous.
    We all enjoyed the "White Christmas song" over here.
    I think we will have a lot of rain this Christmas instead of snow.
    Greetings, Roos

  7. My hat is off to you for making everyone a quilt! They will be well-loved.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  8. Love the backing for the quilt. Also appreciated the video. I had my sound turned down but I knew from the way Santa was tapping his foot and from the reindeers' mouthing which version of White Christmas it was. Too cute.