Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sleigh Ride

Since the grandkids were little, I gave them each a tiny mesh bag of "chocolate money" to carry on a tradition my grandmother started when I was a little girl.  Evidently, the kids have loved getting chocolate money so much that now their parents are including it in their stockings at home.   When they get to my house, it's: "Oh... more chocolate money."   I had to come up with something else... and thanks to Pinterest, I did!

 This "recipe" called for candy canes, and various sized candy bars.  (Because of a peanut-allergy, I had to eliminate any candy with nuts of any type from the selection.)  You'll also need a hot glue gun, perhaps some double-sided tape, and some ribbon.

Run a line of glue along the inside of each candy cane and attach to the bottom of the KitKat bar.  I propped the KitKats on top of the other candy selected to make it easier to attach the candy canes and give them time to cool.

I played with the little candy bars to see how best to stack them and arrived at this arrangement.  

I decided not to use the double-sided tape since these won't be going anywhere (like a cookie exchange) and thought the ribbon would be sufficient to hold the candy on the "sled."

The original idea (as found on Pinterest) was from Just Say Sew in a post about a cookie exchange.

Photo borrowed from Just Say Sew!

I also thought this would be a neat way to give a teen a cash or a check by including it in a small envelope attached to the candy sled.

Ho ho ho!


  1. Yammie.... more chocolat.
    Greetings Roos

  2. Aren't these fun? One year at the family party we were divided into pairs, given a bag of candy with double stick tape and told to build a sleigh using everything in the bag. Then we raced them, two-by-two, down a long gift wrapped board on a slant. Kind of a holiday version of the Pinewood Derby. : )

  3. Great post. Awesome idea! Thanks :)

  4. ....or a gift certificate for a brand new car! Great post!

  5. What a great idea! I love it! So cute!

    And darn it!....YOU were the chocolate money giver.....argh! But this will start a new tradition! Yay!

  6. Sinterklass comes to our house on the eve of Dec. 6, and brings choco money. Then we have more when we celebrate with our Jewish cousins, and call it gelt! Then if there's any left over, I squirrel it away all for myself!

  7. Neat idea, just might do this for my dgs! and dd and ds... and dh... and coworkers....

  8. Way cute Pinterest finds!! I think these would be so cute as edible table decorations or with names as dinner place cards.
    Glad you are better and back to blogging!

  9. Wonderful idea - such a cute presentation.