Thursday, December 20, 2012

Photo Album

I started back to work on Monday and have been playing catch up.... so, not much sewing has been happening.   I did received some photos in emails from my daughter and daughter-in-law and thought I'd share.

Remember the gold robot costume?   Here's my boy...

My daughter has an open house this evening and here is the table in the kitchen with the table topper I made her...

My granddaughter Emma helped her mom make pigs in the blanket...

...and Chloe's made-at-school "gingerbread house" is part of the decoration on the dining room table.

Bless the teacher who had her entire first grade class making these!   I sure hope there were lots of parents on hand to help....


  1. The little table topper you made looks right at home! I still want to try one of those--someday! : )

  2. Wonderful - the whole post!! Glad you feel well enough to return to work - but you take it easy - no relapses okay! The quilt is darling, the costume - awesome!! And the granddaughters - well no words can really describe how special they are!! and Jim Reeves - what a treat! My mom had every "33" every recorded!! We used to listen to them by the hours on the ole - hifi stereo!! Great memories!! Have a blessed Christmas!

  3. I'm glad that you can go to your work again Freda, that means that you're doing well.I love that robotsuit and you can see that your grandson love's it too. And as I can see your granddaughters made some delicious things.
    Hope your day is going well,

  4. Your grandson obviously liked his suit and your daughter obviously like the table topper.

    Brave teacher!

    Loved the video - Radio City Music Hall was even featured in it!

  5. Isn't it great to see all of your work being put to good use? Thank you for the music - have always loved Jim Reeves.

  6. Glad you are recovered enough to get back to work and your routine. That gold suited guy is a fabulous hero...and looks quite proud of the suit. Sending Christmas wishes to you.

  7. Good to hear you're back at work! You're little fella is adorable in his costume...brings memories of my little boys (wipes a tear). And the table-topper looks pefect under the plate server...I just may have to unwrap my dresden ruler, now that my Christmas quilts are done. I seem to remember you gave a lil how-to on here.

  8. Loved the pics and video, Freda! I hope the rest of your holiday season is joyous.

  9. Gingerbread houses are a lesson in patience (im) and frustration! (She says with
    personal experience.) Two thumbs up for the robot costume!