Friday, August 18, 2017

Miscellaneous Sewing and Self-discipline

I'm embarrassed to say that I have not finished the sewing room reorganization; however, it is usable...  and I've been tackling small projects for that "quick closure" good feeling.  Elder granddaughter wanted to upgrade her bedroom from "girl" to "teen" mode and I made her a few things, including a memory board...

...a dresser scarf/runner and lavender pillowcases.

Emma was pleased with the new additions to her room and my DD sent these photos...

The girls are so silly!  DD got Emma a throw to go over a blue chair so it would coordinate...  evidently, "furry" is "in" right now...  but my grandpuppy wasn't too sure about it...

In the meantime, a long-time friend attended her 50th high school reunion and stayed with her sister, whose dog... uh...  almost chewed through the lanyard on which she carried her keys.  There was no fixing it so I made her a new one and included a key fob so she can separate work keys from personal keys.

Then...  I had a stern talk with myself about quilt-y projects that were not getting done.  So today...

I got busy.

Enough done, tomorrow is another day!   
In other news, my grandson George moved into his dorm this morning and his parents had to drive off and leave him there.  My DIL was kind enough to send a photo of him in his room so that I can visualize where he is.

Yes, I think the look on his face says, "Okay, mom!  Just one photo... and then you need to go on... "  I'm trying to resist making a seat cushion for his desk chair to match the arrow pillow.... but he's a big boy now and can decorate his own room.


  1. Nice decorative touches for your granddaughter's room.
    I think your grandpuppy thinks the furry chair cover is a long lost relative.
    Looking forward to seeing what comes of those strip sets.
    You nailed the interpretation of that look your grandson is giving his mom. :)

  2. That is George? Wow, time flew....I remember the Harry Potter scarf:) He's a real cutie, and Grandma be proud and resist helping until he asks.
    Love the lavender and yellow touches for Granddaughter too.

  3. How grown up of you to realize George can do his own decorating. I'm so proud of you. LOL

  4. Reading about reorganizing the sewing room brings to mind that I'm again sewing at the kitchen table. I'll have to do something about that!

    1. Hi, Pat! We do what we have to do for sewing. It wasn't until my kids were grown and gone that I was able to carve out space for my sewing room (which also serves as an office). BTW... I was not able to reply to your comment via email because you've not yet linked your email to your blog... so you're a "no-reply blogger" right now. Looking forward to following your new blog...

  5. You,ve been productive. It doesn't really matter what you did or didn't get done so long as you can lay down in bed at the end of the day ( or at nap time ) and tell yourself you accomplished something during the day.

  6. You did a great job with everything! Love the key fob and lanyard.

    My sewing room looks like something exploded. I sure do enjoy sewing more when everything is straightened up, but sewing makes a mess. Can't waste valuable time cleaning, that could be used for sewing, or other pursuits!