Sunday, September 1, 2013

QAL - Week 10

Here's my week 10 block...

....the "dark" part of the diamonds is a deep purple, not black.  Hard taking photos indoors when it's cloudy out.  I didn't want two 4-patch, square blocks on top of each other... and liked the idea of a 2x4 block.   So I did it this way instead of the way the lesson called for.

And now, we have 10 weeks o' blocks up on the design wall...

....just six more to go!


  1. Another beautiful block Freda, it fits perfectly with the other blocks.

  2. I love what that green does for the rest in its place on the design wall!

  3. Looks to be coming together quite nicely! Enjoy the long weekend,

  4. It just keeps getting better and better, Freda. :o)