Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Non-sewing Progress

I was a bit under the weather Monday and rested yesterday since I wasn't quite back to 100%... but today, I started working on my cabinet painting project.   You may or may not remember from an earlier post that I had the double wall oven removed and fitted pantry built in.

I waited til I had some uninterrupted time to tackle this project because... as you know when doing stuff around the house.... anything and everything can happen to interrupt.   And I did not want to have a messed up kitchen when I was working outside the home for pay.

If you're into building/renovation like me, you can see the two previous incarnations of the oven/ovens here.  
First the single wall oven with a cabinet underneath and then 
the double wall ovens with a tiny cabinet underneath.

I filled all the holes and gaps, which went fast.  And then I spent some time patching a knot in the plywood as well as a long "ripped" place closer to the door.  Sanding in that narrow space was a challenge but I was pleased with how it turned out.   Not perfect but a heckova lot better than what was there before.   I can definitely live with this once painted.

This morning, I sanded.  Even with a breathing mask, it was...  *cough cough hack cough*

I've wiped down all the sanded areas and will be ready to paint when I get home from a "suggested" (mandatory) working lunch with my supervisor and two coworkers at 1:00 pm.  If not, I'll start priming tomorrow!

Doesn't everyone prop up stuff to be painted on cans?  


  1. Great job so far. I applaud you for tackling this re-do. Know you are going to like the extra storage.

  2. This will be such a welcome addition to the kitchen. I love my pantry with pull-outs!
    I definitely prop things up when I paint/stain, but I don't know if I've been smart enough to use cans. : )

  3. I'm jealous of the pull outs in the pantry. Not of the painting prep, though. I like to paint, just not fill, sand, etc. It is going to be nice! I didn't know the tip with the cans, it's a good one!

  4. This pantry cupboard is going to be awesome! Yay!

  5. Good for you to be doing the painting - and all the prep. I should probably take a cue from you and then maybe some jobs around this house might get done! ;o)

  6. Sanding is the worst...and it gets everywhere! At least you're prepped to get the painting done. :)

  7. Good Job! Your talents are many and you will enjoy the finished project!

  8. There is reward for this hard labor, what a great pantry you will have! Those pan racks on top are great. I'm with you, work it while you are off, cuz' we are too pooped after work most days ~

  9. What a great idea .... the pantry as well as the cans to hold the drawers !!

  10. You're amazing to be able to tackle this big job. Can't wait to see how it all looks when it's finished. Good idea with the cans.