Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Tradition

When I was growing up, my mother put two sets of turkey salt and pepper shakers on the Thanksgiving dinner table...  and I continue the tradition.

I think of Mom when I pull these out and remember all the wonderful Thanksgivings of years past.

The turkeys are ceramic and had corks in the bottom to keep the salt and pepper in.  Each year, there were discussions about which went where.... pepper in the tom and salt in the hen?  Or vice versa?

Two of the corks have gotten pushed inside the birds and two have disappeared over the years.... and I no longer use them as salt and pepper shakers....  just for decoration.

The grandchildren are as enthralled with the turkeys as I was a child and I let them play with them on the table.   I don't let them wander around with them because they are good at putting things in odd places and then can't remember where they are.  You'd be surprised where I've found things months later!

It's about time to get Mr. Turkey into the oven and otherwise prepare the feast.   I hope your Thanksgiving is a warm and happy time!


  1. I love your share on a sweet tradition, they sure add charm to your table! How blessed we are, keep counting those blessings ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Similar tradition when I was growing up but it was Santa shakers first at my grandma's and then my mom's. Your post made me smile. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Fun little turkeys to dress up the Thanksgiving table.
    Love these little remembrances of days past. Nice that you can carry on the tradition.

  4. The best thing about holidays is all the little traditions. Those turkey salt and pepper shakers are treasures.

  5. Usually the salt shaker has less holes than the pepper shaker. fyi Those are a cute set!

  6. What a sweet tradition! Happy Thanksgiving Freda!!

  7. How cute are they? What a nice tradition and your table looks lovely.
    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your family.