Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Visit by the Fabric Fairy!

A long-time friend and her DH are down-sizing and she called to see if I would like some fabric.  Of course, I said, "Yes!"    ...and the copier paper-size box was sitting on my front porch yesterday afternoon.   As you may imagine, the box wasn't in the house long before I had to open it.

On top, was a five yard cut of Jinny Beyer Blendables in a soft pink...

....followed by a Christmas-y green paisley of unknown maker since the selvedges were removed and the fabric had been washed.  There is two yards of this fabric, which is 108" wide!

Next, was a Robert Kaufman print... large roses in a soft yellow gold.  Two pieces, each two yards of the extra wide fabric, one washed, the other not.  The roses are about 8" across...

After removing the gold roses, guess what I found?

 ...a plastic shoe box full of...

...fabric squares and triangles and diamonds and HSTs and oh my all the different fabrics!

Wow!  The box is going to keep me busy going thru all the different fabrics... it is stuffed full!

If you see a Fabric Fairy, be nice to her... you never know what surprises she might have in store for you...


  1. What, you didn't open the box on the porch? Amazing restraint!
    I'd be in scrap quilt heaven! What fun.

  2. How exciting! What do I need to do to get the fairy over in my neck of the woods???

  3. Without my fabric faries, I would have no stash at all. These are wonderful people.
    Have fun!

  4. MMMMM the yellow roses! Well, and any of it... You've got some backing fabric, too! What are you going to make out of it all?


  5. Nice score!!! What an awesome fabric fairy!!

  6. Wow what a wonderful fabric fairy.

  7. Lucky you....
    What a gorgeous fabrics.

  8. What a nice Fabric Fairy, hope she makes a stop at my house.

  9. Just beautiful, that fairy is one I believe in.
    Happy days.

  10. i've never met a fabric fairy before - I'll keep a look at. Have fun with your new stash.

  11. What a fun box - you can do all kinds of things with those fabrics!

  12. What a treasure! I would love the bigger cuts of fabric but then I would also love sorting through the scrap pieces.

  13. Tell the FF that my address is...... how sweet!