Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pin Basting

Now that CF is off at the LAQ spa, I have no excuses not to work on assembling quilt sandwiches...

...got the hard work done yesterday evening and will pin this evening.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Can't leave you with a couple of photos of my grandbaby...

...who is six!   How did that happen?

For her party, the attendees stuffed their own animals, decorated a t-shirt for their newly stuff animals, and got to take them home!

Yes, that is a mound of stuffing and yes, it did stick to the carpet!  


  1. Great party idea - keeps them busy!

  2. I really NEED to make that star quilt. I have been collecting plaid shirts in the colors I want. Don't know if I have enough.
    "Now We Are Six" by A.A. Milne. Do kids even know about that poem anymore?
    Looks like a fun party. Who got the vacuuming job afterward?

  3. That's such a great quilt, I'm loving all those stars...just might tackle such! And the party looks like a good time...glad to see your grandbaby made friends quickly!

  4. Oh Freda your Granddaughter is beautiful.

  5. I love that quilt. It looks great all spread out taut and ready to pin.

    That really is a good party idea. I know everybody had a great time. Wow, a six year old!

  6. love the idea to think about the LAQ and the 'quilt spa'! that star quilt looks great. (and HB to your granddaughter!)

  7. What a gorgeous quilt!! It looks like you have a great set up for basting. I'm jealous!!


  8. She is a cute little girl! What a fun birthday party idea. Those girls look like they are enjoying themselves.

    I do like your slanted star quilt with the plaids.

  9. Beautiful granddaughter and great party idea. It's staggering to think about that many six-year-olds and that much stuffing.

  10. What a fun birthday. Wishing her many more happy ones to come. I applaud her brave mom for stuffing so many animals!