Monday, January 19, 2015

UFOs and Other Stuff

UFO #1 went for a swim and then jumped into the soft-and-crinkly machine... and I have to say the dense quilting in the yellow and blue borders crinkled up nicely and pulled in some of the residual waviness!

It was interesting looking at the truly finished quilt and think about how much I've learned since I made this one.  I put the original date on the quilt (2009) because the quilt is more about what I was doing then than now...   oh, and I named it "Summertime."

The daughter got a new sofa and didn't like the three pillows that came with it because she wants to go with blue rather than taupe/rust/black.   So, for her birthday, I ordered fabric from Spoonflower that she picked out and covered the pillows for her.

Then, when my sister was visiting, we went on an excursion to Hobby Lobby where I spotted some fabrics that I thought would go well with the blue pillows.....  and, since I was off work today, I made her three pillows for her new sofa.

I used the remaining fabric from the stripe and anchors... make a reversible table runner.


Still pondering on what to make with the half yard of the coral fabric.


  1. Those soft-and-crinkly machines work wonders, don't they?
    Nice work on all the pillows!

  2. Looks like sweet dreams are coming under that quilt, especially since it's aptly named Summertime.

    The pillows are beautiful. Maybe you could make one of the shallow boxes out of the coral fabric. Your daughter could use it for the TV remote.

  3. I love it : ) Perfect name, Summertime. And the pillows are lovely, dear.

  4. Summertime looks great!! What a great mom you are - those pillows are fabulous!

    Blessings and hugs!

  5. I love that you named it Summertime! It's the perfect name for it. Love those pillows and the fabric you used... especially the one with the coral print.

  6. Summertime looks greet!!
    Greetings from Holland,..

  7. The quilt looks fab, Freda. I'm sure your daughter will love the new cushions! :o)

  8. Love your pillows. Small projects are soooo fulfilling. Pairing the pillows and the runners = inspired! Love it.