Sunday, January 11, 2015

UFO #1 Progress

I was able to finish up the quilting on UFO #1 this weekend but the binding didn't happen.  I did get the binding cut out so it's ready to go.

In the yellow inner border, I did an S-wavy line and a meander in the outer border.  On the blue outer border, I was able to handle the extra fabric near the yellow border but it was totally out of control by the time I got to the outer edge.... so, I trimmed the border from 6" wide to 4.5" wide.  That took care of the uber waviness.   

I love the fabric for the blue border and had underestimated how much I would need for the border AND the binding so I had gone back to the LQS to get addition blue for the binding.  I had no trouble finding it because it was in the original bag, hanging in the closet!   Several folks commented that they had never seen this project...   well, it's because it's 5.5 yrs old!

See the date on the sales receipt?  Yup, 5.5 yrs in the closet it was.   Well... it's going to be finished soon.


  1. Your quilting looks really good.
    Did you realize the UFO was that old, or did the date on the receipt surprise you?

  2. Way to go girl!! Always a treat to get a UFO off the list!! Beautiful blues!!

  3. 5½ years is a mere drop in the ocean in the vast whatever of time - or words to that effect! LOL The important thing is it'll be finished soon. Woohooo!! :o)

  4. Nice FMQ! I adore that blue swirly fabric, and the (hidden blue) and purple peeking out! Can't wait to see the finish. Oh, I see the receipt is from their old address. ;-)