Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lull in the Action

I had the flu the week before Christmas, which threw a wrench in the works.  So, I just finished up my last Christmas gift that is going to a someone who understands just how life can get in the way sometimes.

Using this tutorial (link), I made an iPad stand.

Shown here with my granddaughter's tablet, the iPad stand is perfect when you are using an online tutorial to make something.  Your iPad can sit right beside you so you can refer to it as you sew.

I did change up things a it such as quilting the fabric to a scrap of batting to give it a firmer surface.  I also didn't do the flowery thing around the button.

I started with a FQ of the fabric and had enough left to make two fabric trays (link to tutorial) from the remainder plus a small amount of matching fabric to line the inside.

Of course, I changed up the directions to make the sides a bit shallower but generally followed the rest of the instructions.  I cut the fabric for the inner box an inch smaller so it would nest in the larger of the two.

I like how the trays (or boxes) turned out and will probably made a couple more in different sizes.  I think they would be handy to keep sewing items next to your machine, or on your dresser, or just about anywhere to corral small items.


  1. Sorry you spent your holiday under the weather! No fun!
    What clever gifts you made when you resurfaced! : )

  2. Hope you are feeling those flu bugs away, put them in hand cuffs, hose them down, bury them deep, etc. I love the ipad support project....very cute.

  3. Love your trays and ipad support. Cute. I can't believe they are from one FQ and lining. They must be quite tiny. Patience you got!
    Glad you are feeling better.

  4. I hope you're feeling better, Freda. Flu can really take it out of you! Your iPad stand and fabric trays look fab! Well done you! :o)

  5. Very nice Freda.......!
    I do so want to make a stand for my day.
    I'm hope you get better boys have had it just after Christmas , I hope they don't pass it to their father and me !!