Monday, August 25, 2014

Tiny Trees: Blocks 23 & 24

It's fun stretching one's boundaries about what greens should be included in making trees...

...I figured that with all the funky fabrics I used for houses, I needed some funky trees as well!

However, there is a need for "traditional" trees.... yes?

If anyone knows how to get rid of a camera gremlin, I would appreciate the sharing of that knowledge...   *lol*


  1. The top one looks like it might be the kite-eating variety from Charlie Brown. ;-)

  2. I went back and looked at your might just have a bad spot on your card/chip in the camera. Because most of your photos are just fine. I believe technology just likes to find ways to annoy us on a regular basis. They never heard that song "I am woman, hear me roar!"

  3. I love the lilac tree! (I have 13 lilac bushes in my yard.)

  4. I thought I'd be less predictable on this comment ... but, I can't ... these are my new favourites! :oD

  5. I'm no good at solving technology gremlins, but I sure like your little trees!