Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tiny Houses: Pink & Purple (yes, more of them)

I have pulled every useable pink and purple fabric scrap from that bin and will be through this pile soon.

There have been a couple of fabric repeats but I won't tell if you don't!

I'm about out of "sky" and need to dig in the stash a bit to find more.

If I can't find anything suitable, gee...  I'll just have to make a run to the LQS!     *wink*


  1. A trip to the LQS sounds like a grand idea to me, Freda! :oD

  2. You must be making a dent in your scrap stash if you are needing more sky fabric! Way to go!

  3. How many does this make? I still think we need a shot of the whole neighborhood!
    Good luck at the LQS--after your description of what they carry, you may need to go beyond local. I can send you a mottled light blue that I bought for a quilt and didn't use. It would love a new home where it could be useful.

  4. I adore visiting your little houses ;-) and choosing my fave from each post. Today, I fancy the middle one; tis the roses and window panes that make me smile.

  5. What ever it takes, Frieda. Enjoy your retail therapy.