Monday, September 1, 2014

Quilter's ADHD Redux

When I started the tiny house project, I wondered how long it would be before I got bored.  I'm not bored but... I think I'd like a change for a while. Instead of 4.5" finished blocks, how about 24" finished blocks?  That would definitely be a change!

I already had the Swoon pattern by Thimble Blossoms (link) and I had a fat quarter bundle of Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms sitting in the stash.

All I needed was some white fabric and something for a border because and 80"x80" quilt is a bit small for a queen bed.

I've selected the 18 fat quarter's I'll be using and ordered the periwinkle dots fabric for the border.  I've even cleared the cutting table.

Let the fun begin......


  1. Wow, talk about the pendulum swinging--from one extreme to the other! Won't it be fun to see so much progress with just one big block? : )

  2. I love your fabric choices! I have made one swoon block and organized other ladies into making enough for an entire quilt for a friend. I learned that you have to cut very carefully as you use two fat quarters for each block. If you make any mistake, you have to change out the FQ for another. (This happened with two of the other ladies...) Other than that, it is a fun, fun block to make.

  3. Beautiful fabrics to use for a Swoon quilt, I have the pattern but have yet to make one, I'm sure you are going to love making those ginormous blocks, although there is way more pressing on those large ones compared to the ones you have been making lately :)

  4. I love this pattern.