Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Questions... I get questions...

...and I like questions, especially when those questions make me think!   Ms Janet O. asked me how many zippers I had left yesterday.  (In order to make a couple-three zipper bags, I had ordered a rainbow variety of 10" zippers from kandcsupplies (link) on Etsy a couple of years ago.)  And so... here are the zippers I have left...

I would like to get them sewn into zipper bags and was wondering what in the world I would find for that pumpkin orange zipper when a light bulb went off in my head.   Guess what I found in my FQ stash?

I'm going to work towards using all these zippers eventually although my next challenge will be the Christmas green one on the right!


  1. Oh yes. Good colors for batiks!

  2. If you get stuck, I'd be happy to send help! Let's see--in Christmas Green (besides Christmas) I have farm animals on grass. Really helpful, huh? : )
    Fun to see the remaining zippers.

  3. Answers...I got answers :-D I'm thinking you found pumpkins in your stash!

  4. You said to guess, so I'm guessing you have some orange fabric that would be prefect with that zipper!

  5. I've only made 2 bags but I already bought more You have inspired me to make some bags for Christmas. Hugs

  6. Can't wait to see what fabric you choose for all of those zips, Freda. I bet they're all fab.

    Oh, I was so happy when I found your birdy fabric in my local fabric shop. It was a total shock that they were charging £13.99 a metre for it - approx $21.47 a yard! I won't be buying any of that any time soon! *gasp*