Monday, April 14, 2014

Pollen Season

I'm allergic to pine pollen....

...not much quilting is going on but I should have bought stock in Kleenex.

I started allergy shots last summer and am not sure if they are helping or not.   However, I can say that the shots are NOT helping with the pine pollen....

I'm staying inside as much as possible...   rain is forecast for this afternoon.   *fingers crossed*


  1. So sorry. Feeling your pain, here. I used to have horrible allergies in the Spring. Then one year they just switched to fall. But the crazy thing for me was the fact that, though rain is supposed to get the pollens out of the air, I was worse on rainy days. Go figure.
    I hope you get relief from your rain--and that the shots kick in and do their thing!

  2. Ah ha, is this an excuse to avoid the Monster? ;-) Seriously, I hope the shots are successful and you get rain. Have you tried eating local honey? My DH says it helps him.

  3. I suffered for decades, now not so much... I think I grew out of it. Hope that is in store for you, too.

  4. Just remembered - it always seemed to help me to wash my face and eyes.
    Hugs again

  5. Oh no, Freda. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Oh, I feel for you. Pine pollen is one of my allergens too. Though this year, since I've cut gluten from my diet they aren't nearly as bad though I do still get the occasional flair up.

  7. I asked my doc for a "secret trick" because I bump into something I'm REALLY allergic to about once a year. It doesn't usually last long but in the mean time I nearly scratch my face off. She suggested adding Zantac for a couple of days. There are two types of histamine which is what makes us miserable. Allergy meds block HS1, Zantac blocks HS2. Worth talking to your doc about. Also sinus rinsing may help. Good Luck!