Sunday, June 2, 2013

Five More Kid Days Left....

...with eight (8) scheduled meetings (at least) left to go.  There may be more... these are just the ones I know of right now!   I will survive....

I have been doing a little sewing and today... I finished up a diaper bag/tote/thingie for a coworker whose shower is this week.

I fill it with diaper changing supplies....

...and will include the remaining diapers in the gift bag as well.

If you're interested in how to make one of these fabric storage bags, here is THE LINK to the tutorial.



  1. Almost done. Will be happy for you when the school year is over.
    Sweet baby gift. Mom will love it!
    Great tutorial, by the way.
    That is absolutely one of my favorite songs. I have it on a CD. Keep it in the car.

  2. Well, sweet Freda! I'm glad school is almost for you!! You are a survivor!!!! The bag is adorable!! You are so very clever!!


  3. I love the storage bin, Freda. It looks amazing. Not long to go now. :o)

  4. Do I see you doing a little happy dance there? Hope you don't have too many meetings and can get on with your summer vacation.

  5. "School's out" is something to celebrate. I worked really hard to get all IEPs done by the end of April. Still ended up with two that had to be held--one of the two days after the kids were gone! Enjoy your precious summer!

  6. So good to hear from you! I love the changing bag idea. Great shower gift.

  7. Me too. I have four days left! Then glorious summer. I always snicker when people talk about their kids being so excited and amped up about summer! Little do they know how teachers feelings times 100 = fantastic summer!

  8. *LOL* "Diaper bag/tote/thingie" Is that the official name? : ) What ever it is called, it looks great--very useful, and cute, too!
    Good to hear you are still hanging in there.

  9. Yay! The end is near!

    That is a wonderful shower gift. Love it! I need to make one for my dd. There are so many cute things to make for expectant moms.

  10. To me, the meetings would be the worst. What a wonderful shower gift!

  11. Great gift for a shower!

    Hope you close the school year out with a bang and no upsets:)

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  13. Hey! Great to see a post from you! And this lil bag is precious! Nicely done~ Hang in there!
    (( ~ ~ ))
    )) @ @ ((

  14. Ariel Seal (get it??!!) of Approval!