Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Favor for a Friend

As some of you may know, if you sew... everyone thinks you can do N-E-thing at all!   So, my friend Lea, who won a quilt at a Red Cross fund-raising auction, brought it to me to figure out how to hang it on the wall in her living room.   I pondered on how best to do this and toured the local home improvement emporium for ideas.

I picked up a package of Command Strips (which I had used to hang the Mary Engelbreit wall hanging in the psych office) with Velcro-like stuff to put on the wall and the hanger strip.

The wood/board strips that were long enough were thicker than I wanted them to be but then... I stumbled on to yardsticks in the paint department...   for 69 cents each!   Instead of cutting one of the yardsticks and then trying to figure out how to connect them....


...I put two Command Strips on the yard stick and stuck them together with the Velcro-stuff, overlapping the yard sticks in the middle.

I made four "sleeves" and pinned them to the back of the quilt...  since I was too lazy to unsew the binding and attach the sleeves in the traditional way.   The spaces are where the Command Strips will be stuck to the exposed yardsticks.

On the front of the quilt, I stitched in the ditch to sew on the sleeves.

I inserted the yardsticks and pinned the bottom of the sleeves to the quilt before sewing down the sleeves.  This way, I was sure the yardsticks would fit in the sleeves when I was done!   

The yardsticks DID indeed fit and I rolled up the quilt before taking it over to Lea's house.  Presentation is everything, don't you know?

Once we got the quilt up, we sat for a while and admired it...  it looks perfect in its new home!

We adjourned to Panera's for an early dinner and returned to find the quilt was still(!) hanging on the wall just where we put it!

Another task crossed off my "to do" list!


  1. Clever mounting trick. Good for you!

  2. I think you can do N E thing. Genius!

  3. I chuckled at the intro--ain't it the truth? : )
    But you proved your friend right--you did it! Brilliant!

  4. That looks great and is quite ingenius!

    Everyone thinks I can do clothing alterations and make bridesmaids' dresses. NOT!!

  5. Clever little you........
    And it does look very nice in it's new home.

  6. You're a genius, Freda. The quilt looks fabulous up there. :o)

  7. Brilliant - and it's such a beautiful quilt, too.

  8. Genius! Thanks for sharing your idea!

  9. Excellent way to hang and quilt. Thanks for sharing your method!!

  10. Thanks for sharing! Great idea!

  11. Of course you can do N-E-Thing -- you are the Empress of the Universe!