Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shop Hop Report (shop til you drop)

After lunch, we headed to Elegant Stitches in Cary.

In a lovely shopping center with a fun playground and a cool fountain out front, Elegant Stitches carries a large supply of heirloom sewing supplies as well as quilting stuff.

I tried to be strong but succumbed to a little Parisville....

...kept thinking about granddaughters in FQ pillowcase dresses and just could not resist.

The afternoon was moving on and we still had two quilt shops to visit....  so off we headed.  I think the big lunch boosted our energy levels very nicely.  Next stop.... 

...which turned out to be an "uh oh" shop for me.

This lovely shop has the largest selection of both 1800s and 1930s reproduction fabrics I've seen in one place.  "Shirtings" was on my list for my still-not-started hourglass quilt and guess what I found?

...a charm pack of 40 different shirting fabrics all ready to go!  I also picked up three FQs of lavender 1930s fabrics.... couldn't resist!

One more shop on the list.... could we make it?   Yes!   

The Quilter's Nest was open til 5pm (the latest hour of Saturday closing of all the shops) and we made it there in plenty of time to browse.   I was good at resisting all the fabrics and FQs but, having browsed their online shop, I couldn't pass up these 12.5" blocks...

... seven NC lighthouses printed on white fabric in black (also available in blue).  You may purchase one block of a specific lighthouse or a package of all seven lighthouses.... but only at this shop.

Five quilt shops in one day...  and we were done!  Sara and her fabric-shopping-trained son headed home and, after dropping MamaSpark off at her daughter's, I hit the road.  It was a 10-hour day made fun by the good company and all the lovely fabrics!

...and I survived!


  1. That bundle of shirtings was definitely a not-to-be-resisted find!
    Glad you survived--too much fun in one day can be hazardous! : )

  2. Sounds like you were pretty good overall for having visited all those shops.

  3. Sounds like you were pretty good overall for having visited all those shops.

  4. Seems as if you all had a fun day out, and everyone was happy with their purchases. Well done to Sara's son for lasting the day. I'm now expecting to see a few projects with the fabrics you have shown us :)

  5. OOOO la la!!! Those light house blocks are awesome!!! Actually, all three shops looked perfect!! Looking forward to your projects with you new fabrics!!

  6. You made a haul without being too bad! I can never stick to my list at all. Love those shirtings, quite a find.

  7. It was a fab day made even better by the company!!

  8. I'm putting the NC Lighthouses on my list! Love these!!!

  9. What fun! Our Western Washington Shop is coming up near the end of June, and my sister and I are already starting to plan our route. Last year, she went north and I went south. This year, we are going together. It should be great fun. All the shops will be open until 8:00 PM all the days of the hop, so we will have plenty of time to hit quite a few. Great find with the shirting charm pack, by the way.

  10. I think I'd like the Whistle Stop Quilt Shop the best.

  11. 10 hrs wow it didn't even seem like it!!

    You snatched a lot of goodies--wooohooo!

    I am going to borrow your shop hop pic if you don't mind;)