Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break Kitchen Adventure

Old double wall ovens seen in background from dining room on Easter...

Double ovens removed...

New door in old double oven space...

New door open....

...drawer fully extend!

What?  No oven???   Nope... just moved to new location...

Drawers removed...

New oven...

Now, just waiting The Return of the Ice Maker Repairman to fix what he didn't fix on Tuesday....  *grrr*

Back to sewing....  prep work on new wood work will begin tomorrow.  Hopefully, I'll have everything painted by Sunday afternoon.



  1. It's coming together! I love the new pantry with pull out drawers. So much easier to access. :)

  2. Kitchen make-overs make me so happy, but then I am a baking geek--if there is such a thing. That is a wonderful tall cupboard that replaced the wall ovens! I'm just not ready to give up my second oven yet. : )

  3. I admired your wall ovens (no stooping), but happy that you have a new model! It looks good there, and what a great pantry now too!

  4. Very creative solution to getting a new oven. Looks great!

  5. Love those pull out drawers, now that you have a new oven you won't want to use it, otherwise it will get dirty :)

  6. Those renovations are worth waiting for.

    Your Easter table looks so pretty.

  7. Great make the storage you found! Looks so nice. You managed to get a lot accomplished just getting the workmen this far this week.

  8. New appliances are always fun (until they make us w.o.r.k.)!