Monday, January 18, 2016

The Rose Shawl

While I could cite statistics about what all kept me so busy (and stressed) at work, I'm sure you'd rather see the crochet therapy that kept me sane.

I made a shawl/wrap for my sister's friend Arlene.  It was an easy (free) pattern and worked up quickly. 

The hardest part was selecting the buttons... I thought these were perfect!

I wrapped the shawl up in Christmas paper and ribbons and sent it off to my sister...  who delivered it to Arlene.

Hopefully, it is keeping this sweet lady warm and comfy in this very chilly weather.


  1. The shawl is beautiful--certainly chilly here today the extra layer of warmth would be much appreciated

  2. You're good peeps! Such a lovely shawl... and she's not even related to you!

  3. Good job! Ive been crocheting some baby hats but started a new baby quilt too.

  4. Hello Freda,

    You are a good person to do that, why is it choosing buttons take so long. All the best for 2016.

    Happy days.

  5. Sorry work has been so busy and stressful. I have missed your posts.
    What a wonderful thing you did, making this for a woman you don't know. I'm sure it is a much appreciated gift! And I think you found great buttons for it! : )

  6. The shawl and buttons are perfect. I'm sure it's being worn and treasured.

  7. Sorry to hear about all the stress...but glad you found the perfect prescription. Love the shawl and the recipient looked thrilled to receive it. Hugs

  8. It's lovely, Freda. Well done you! :o)