Friday, June 27, 2014

Update on all the "excitement"

In addition to working 10-hour days and then spending the long weekends with the kids, this long weekend, I'm dealing with an issue that cropped up this past Monday...

It's official.... the motherboard gave up the ghost.

My laptop is now residing with my favorite computer doctor along with the new laptop, awaiting for the data to be transferred from one to the other.   *sigh*

In the meantime, the tiny house book has arrived and I've been studying it!

I can't copy the paper-piecing templates 'cause my laptop has kicked the bucket and I'm not sure I can use the copier/printer  without it being attached to the laptop.  I may try in a bit tho...

And... the big news here is that I have only ONE more work day (Monday) to go before I'm off work the month of July!    *doing a happy dance*


  1. Love your dancers. sorry to hear about the lap top. As much as I hate being tied to mine, things are so inconvenient when it's not available. Enjoy July. I hope you accomplish all you have on your list of to dos and then some.

  2. Lucky Duck! Book looks wonderful - when do you start?

  3. I'm happy for you, Freda, to finally get a break from long hours and lots of stress. Love the happy dance. : )
    That book looks wonderful. I hope it keeps you busy with fun things during your time off.

  4. Yay for the summer break. Pout for the demise of the computer. I am afraid that mine is nearing its end also. But glad you have a new book to get you thru!

  5. A frustrating time when the computer goes down. Glad you're heading into a happy time, though.

  6. I feel your pain gf, and also share in your excitement! My laptop has multiple issues and must be "sent off" for warranty work. I've procrastinated for so long that soon the warranty will expire. It's so hard to do without the use of one. Now the excitement: I couldn't stand it and got an inter-library loan for the little houses book. I've been a'studying and think I understand paper piecing enough to start with the adorable placemats. Thanks for the tip! Happy Summer!

  7. Bummer about your computer. Hope you're back in business soon.

  8. What a pain about your computer, Freda. Yay for getting all of July off. I bet you cram it full of wee house building! :o)