Sunday, June 8, 2014

Planning Quilty Projects

Now that the school year stress is behind me, the creative part of the ole brain is starting to percolate again thankfully.   For a while there, I thought it had died or something...

I'm actually in the process of planning projects for the coming year since I'll have time this summer to not only get some sewing done but to track down fabrics for said projects.

Having a nice table runner for the dining room table encourages me to keep it cleared so one project is to make a fall table runner.

Pinterest, that complete time suck, has provided a number of ideas that I'm considering.

Not only just fall/autumn options but good options design-wise... that would require more appropriate fabric selection to make the runner autumnal.

And I don't want to find a pattern, free or otherwise because....

I'm crazy and like doing all the math!  


  1. The Math!!!???? Really??? I try to skip that in most instances - you are crazy!
    Congrats on making it through the school year - you teachers should get Hero badges and combat pay!

  2. I sometimes think the planning is the best stage - followed closely by the choosing of fabrics, then the cutting out of said fabrics, then the sewing and quilting and binding and .... Yep, the whole process is the best bit! LOL

  3. Yep, I love the math too. Have graph paper will quilt!

  4. You have some wonderful ideas to get you started thinking and planning.