Monday, November 7, 2011

Want To Help Santa Out A Little?

The DH of blog-friend Debbie, of Stitchin' Therapy, and his buddies of the Greenville Woodworkers Guild have been making doll beds and cradles and all sorts of toys to be donated to charitable organizations who help Santa get to all the homes of good little boys and girls in the Greenville, SC area.

Debbie took on the monumental task of making doll quilts for the doll cradles and doll beds... and then found out there are doll strollers as well as MORE doll beds that needed quilts too!   So, she has put out a call for doll quilt tops...

Debbie has made several doll quilts from orphan blocks.  Quilt tops for the doll cradles need be 12" x 18" and the quilt tops for the doll beds should be 14" x 18".

I emailed Debbie and offered to make a few quilt tops and she agreed to turn them into doll quilts.  So, off I went...

I dug into my scrap bins and have been having some fun!  I don't have much, if any, kiddie fabric so have gone for brights... and one kinda old-fashioned looking quilt top in fall colors.

When I didn't have enough fabric, I added borders and sashing.  And when I got to the last two, I really made it simple....   *lol*

If you have thirty minutes and some scrap fabrics, consider making a doll quilt top to send to Debbie.  There is more information on her blog: Stitchin' Therapy...  and I'm sure she'll be happy to email you her address.

It was fun making doll quilt tops...   I felt like one of Santa's helpers...


  1. Okay, a doll quilt might be doable.
    See what I can do.

  2. You're such a good person Freda, always trying to help others. I admire that.

  3. I can do this! Thanks for putting out the call. Look at all your lil tops, so cute!

  4. Aah, how sweet you are! This is a fun project. The doll quilts would also be nice in the Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes. The one for a girl could have a small doll and a quilt.

    There are so many ways to help others with quilting and you, Ms. Freda, are so good at that.

    Have a great week!

  5. The doll quilts are so cute. Thank you so much for making the tops, giving me the nudge, and then helping spread the word for this project. Huge hugs.....

  6. This is such a wonderful thing to do! The shop looks like Santa's workshop. I hope that I can make one and send one too. It seems doable.

  7. These are great! I will see what I can pull together!

  8. Oooh, I'm so close to having the Crafty Corner back in working condition this looks like so much fun! I'm gunna go stare at the Hubby as he 'works' down there. I might have lights by tonight!

    I've got lots of cute ideas after seeing your cute ideas!