Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quilter's ADHD Redux

I'm so easily distracted... especially by the beautiful work of others!  This time it was Rachel of Rachel's Quilts who is knitting a scarf for a Christmas present.  Sound familiar?

Rachel's scarf is exactly like the one I'm doing but she has 4 rows of garter stitch every 10 stockinette rows.

Photo blatantly ripped off from Rachel's Quilts

I like the horizontal ribbing effect... adds a very nice pattern to an otherwise plain scarf.  While Rachel is using a lovely variegated yarn, the solid red of the scarf I was working on seemed to cry out for some texture!

So... what do I do?  Yes... I ripped out every last stitch and started over. 

I do like the horizontal ribbing on the red... even though I have to count rows now and keep up with whether I'm knitting a row or purling...  a challenge is good for one!

I hope to get caught up with all the yarn I ripped out last night and... since the cold bug that has caught everyone else seemingly has caught me... I'm going to be spending some time on the sofa today under the quilt seen in the above photo (which needs the rest of the binding sewn down) knitting/purling away.


  1. Oh, I felt pain when you said you ripped out all you had done, but you made a good call. The texture on the solid was a wise move--even though that handsome little man may not have cared (as long as it had tassels and NOT fringe).
    Hope you can kick that bug soon.

  2. Next thing you know, you'll be buying my daughter's hand dyed yarn and you'll never quilt again! I've got the sore throat bug, but it's an excuse to just sit and work on brainless projects. (Yeah, I started a couple more, too.)

  3. Glad you liked my scarf so much! I am truly flattered. Your scarf looks great. It's amazing the texture a few garter rows make.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Love both of the scarves! What are you doing that makes the edges so pretty?

  5. Yep, love the texture in your new pattern. Just what it needs. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  6. Yep, lovely pattern. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Hope you are soon feeling much better! Beautiful work!!


  8. Ok, Super Grandma, hurry up and catch up what you ripped out! It's looking great so far and I'm sure it will be wonderful with the tassels. I also hope you get to feeling better very quickly. The holidays are coming and you don't want to feel badly, so take lots of vitamin C, drink lots of liquids and get your rest. Hot chicken soup is good too.

  9. Hope that you're feeling better soon but it's a good excuse to sit down with some handwork.
    It's a good thing that you ripped it out,I like this patern better.

  10. The pattern does make it more interesting in appearance and probably more interesting to knit (I'm not a knitter). Take it easy, knit and get over that cold.

  11. What brand of yarn are you using? I like that shade of red!

  12. Oh! I actually cringed when I saw that you unraveled it all, but like you, I won't be satisfied until it's what I want. And I know grandmas want only the best for their g'babes ;-) And I do like the new pattern ~ it's going to be awesome!