Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lost in Crochet Land

Since picking up crochet this past summer, I've been doing a lot of yarn therapy.

It started with making a baby blanket for the couple across the street who welcomed their first child in late August.

Then I made a lap throw for a friend of my sister who fell and broke her hip. 

When I visited her, it was the middle of the summer and this lovely lady was cold.... and I about melted in the room... the temp was set so high.   So, after the lap throw, I made a small cape using this pattern...

....and this yarn, a teal-green and gray.   (I forgot to take a photo before shipping it off.)

My sister reports that her friend uses the throw all the time and, now that the temps outside are falling, the cape is being worn as well.   So I decided that Mrs. Claus needs to send a Christmas present.

I'm using this pattern..

...and this yarn:  Victorian Rose

I started this project Friday after work.... and after a very l-o-n-g, l--o--n--g week.

I've done a LOT of crocheting this fall...  and it's going to be a very crochet kinda Christmas around here.  I'll post photos after the holidays.  

To all my friends out there in Blogland...  I think of you often.  Life (mostly work) has tossed a lot my way this school year and it's difficult to keep up sometimes.

Despite work stress, I have much to be thankful for...  including a new grandpuppy!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving....


  1. SO happy to see the new post! I wondered whether you'd been busy quilting, but now I see you're up to new adventures. I know that lady appreciates the warmth you've given with love and a hook. :-)

  2. I'm so happy to see you posting again! Take care of yourself. Quilting is my therapy of choice, but it's not as portable as crochet.

  3. Lovely to "see" you, Freda. You've been a busy hooker - I mean that in the nicest possible way! LOL

  4. Oh Freda, I was thrilled to see your post come up in my reader!!! Your crochet projects are gorgeous!!! I've picked up knitting and I soooooooo understand that yarn therapy!!! But I've become somewhat of a yarn-a-holic!! Can't turn down a great sale!!

    You know I think of you often as I use my little zipper bag every day (it holds some of my knitting supplies) and my mug rug sits on the table by Black Beauty!!!

    A blessed Thanksgiving to you my dear friend!

  5. I've wondered if you had been sequestered at work and unable to contact the outside world! : )
    Good to see you surface again.
    Looks like you have been doing very good things with your crochet hook and yarn. I'm sure your thoughtfulness has been appreciated. The Christmas gift you are creating is beautiful. What a nice thing to do.
    Cute granddaughters with the new little furry family member. Hope you get to spend Thanksgiving with them!

  6. Kindness and thoughtfulness go a long way--beautiful blankets and shaws--