Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's Aliveeeeeeeeee!

Without going in to a 40 page description of the past two months and boring you silly, let's just say there was a Bermuda Triangle-type fall here.  If it could go wrong, it did.  For example, my camera bit the dust.  This means that I have to decide what I want to replace it with, find time to purchase one, and get it up and running.  Not as easy as I would have liked.  Not at all.   Anyhoo...   I'm alive and appreciate my BlogLand friends checking on me.

I've not had much time to sew/quilt as I would have liked but I did tackle one crafty project (link).... one I found on Pinterest.  Again, getting all the stuff together did not go as smoothly as I would have liked... who would have thought that finding wooden (or other) letters would be so difficult?  Here is the first "draft" of my efforts....  I won't talk about the paint on my slacks or tablecloth... although it did come out in the wash.

Although the project poster swore this was a quick and easy project...  it wasn't, at least for me.  Blending paint round the letters was difficult, especially since I hadn't gotten a small enough brush to do it properly.  (Read:  Back to the craft store.)

I liked the subtle letters blended into the paint with the shadows...  I let the painting "sit" for a couple of days while I studied it, deciding I wanted the "sea" to be higher and lighter at the "horizon."  

It's overcast and rainy today so photo-taking is difficult but you can get the general idea.   I like how it turned out, especially since it is my first ever attempt at painting.   This will be a Christmas gift for someone special.


  1. I love how yours turned out. It's more painterly than your inspiration.
    So glad to see you back in Blogland! We missed you!!!!!!!!!

  2. You have been missed, welcome back.
    Love your painting and especially how the letters blend in.

  3. I've been wondering (and worrying) about you, Freda. I'm so glad you're back with us again. Your new project looks amazing. Well done you!

  4. So glad to hear you are still kicking! My bad for not checking on you.
    I am so impressed by your painting! It is serene and calm and the lucky recipient should love it. If not, you have my address! I think you did a fabulous job blending the colors....not an easy project to begin with either.

  5. Good to see you back, dear. I've had computer issues and hope to be back blogging soon myself.

  6. I'm glad you surfaced, Freda!!
    This is really cool--one of my very favorite scriptures! Nice work!!

  7. I LOVE that! My mind is whirling with ideas and there's still time for Christmas, thanks!

  8. This is beautiful, and a favorite verse. The movement in the sea is well done, and you did a very nice job blending colors ~ I think it is perfect for that someone special. I enjoyed reading the linked article, and may try a similar project after the holidays.