Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Break Day #2

The first day of break, I was pretty worthless... just let the stress drain out of me while I did a little pottering around the house.  Day #2 was different...  I got busy and, among other things, I finished the quilting on the homespun stars quilt.

I followed all the major seams as well as the seams in the blocks, carrying it across the big plain blocks... producing a grid on those.

Quilted on each side of the red inner border and did diamonds in the outer border.

Because the blocks are on point, the back of the quilt looks like this...  a diagonal grid.

The red border provides a break between all the diagonal quilting lines...  I like it.

While the quilting will probably never be perfect, no matter how I try... I am pleased that it's getting easier for me to work with all that fabric and batting on my domestic machine.   I'm getting there...


  1. Oh, I love this quilt! Folksy and warm and homespuny (sure, that's a word!). : )
    Merry Christmas, Freda!

  2. I still love this quilt. Your quilting is perfect.

    We all need a day to let the stress drain out.... Sounds so nice to me. .. got to work today and Friday, but am thankful for those 3 days off!

  3. Sorry for the last post this is the real one. The quilt really looks great. I love the fabrics and I love that you don't fill every 1/4" with quilting. Some of the stuff I see makes me think "I could never do that" Your projects are always beautiful and approachable. And lucky you - you can destress in one day!

    1. Thank you, Loretta! I let the current quilt project "talk" to me and let me know what would be best as far as quilting... may take a while but it usually works. Quilting (the assembly and the actual quilting part) has been a long, long learning process and I'm sure I have a long way to go yet.

      As far as de-stressing in one day... believe me... I was pretty worthless on Saturday! *lol*

      Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. You are getting there! It looks fantastic! And best yet, it is DONE! (In my humble opinion, finished quilts --albeit with maybe a few mistakes, like mine--are way more preferential to unfinished quilts!) I really like to overall, homespunny look, too! Have a great Christmas!

  5. Great job...!
    And it will be loved........

  6. It looks great. Perfect for a afternoon book reading and cup of tea. Tempted to keep it yourself? Have a Merry Christmas!

  7. The quilt looks fabulous, Freda. Great job! :o)

  8. I bet you are enjoying your days away from school activities and such. Such a wonderful quilt and a big Hooray for getting some more quilting with your domestic machine under your belt! Merry Christmas Freda!

  9. I admire your quilting. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a great Christmas with your family.

  10. You did a wonderful quilting job on this quilt. The perfect pattern for this quilt pattern. It looks beautiful front and back. I've quilted several of my quilts with grid quilting patterns. After a go in the washing machine and clothes dryer, my lines looks straighter than they actually were. lol. I've had no one complain or reject any of my quilt gifts : )