Monday, November 11, 2013

A Non-quilty Project

I took a short break from quilting to start a Christmas project for my granddaughters.  You may remember the matching sun dresses I made last summer for the girls and their dolls.

The girls love playing with these dolls and I thought they might like beds for their babies to sleep in.  I was able to find sturdy, unfinished beds for these 18" dolls by Acraftersnook (link) on Etsy.  All the finished beds were a bit pricey, especially since I needed two of them.  Plus they usually came with some butt-ugly "bed linens"... and we can't be having that.

These beds can be used singly or... they come with pegs that will turn them into bunk beds if the girls want to do that.  

Photo blatantly swiped from Acraftersnook (link) on Etsy
I picked out spray paint because I'm lazy that way.... and the paint came with primer included.  I have to say the new type tops (twist to open and close) makes spray painting much easier on your index finger because the "button" is wider.  The shell/top also prevents paint getting on your finger as well.  

It took a number of coats to cover the bare wood but... I had all day to paint.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With many thanks to all who have served and are serving our country...


  1. Aww. You wrote a teaser post. I was looking forward to seeing the beds all painted. I guess I will have it to look forward to. I love American Girl dolls. My daughter had one (she is 26 now) and now my nieces have them. I've made a bed, quilt, and lots of clothes. So much fun!

  2. So cute......I love the beds !!
    I had to be inventive when I was little and used cardboard boxes to make stuff for my are a very good Grandma.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing these little beds all finished! And I'm enjoying the process. Thank you for sharing :D

  4. Very smart grandma!!
    And now the fun of making some pretty bed linens. Do you have to make matching quilts for the girls' beds? : )

  5. Can't wait to see the finished beds!

  6. The beds are so cute.I look forward to seeing them when you finish.

  7. Very cute. Are the beds going to have custom quilts?

  8. The beds look fab, Freda. I can't wait to see what you make as bedcovers. Your granddaughters are going to be so happy! :o)