Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Burn Out?

Granted, things have been hectic at work lately but since I finished the baby quilt over the long MLK weekend... I've just not had the energy/drive/interest to do any sewing.   I've thought about this and wondered what was behind it.

Also interesting is that... in spite of lots of good fabric sales online, I've not been inspired to make any purchases.  Clearly, I must be ill!    *wink*

I did a little web-surfing yesterday while I ate lunch and came across two projects that piqued my interest.  The first was a mini quilt from Moda Bake Shop:

THIS PROJECT (link) would be perfect to use up leftovers from other projects or fabrics from your scrap bins.

I also found a cool quilt that just might work for my youngest nephew who will be graduating from high school in June... 

THIS PROJECT (link) is from all I would need is a bunch o' fabrics that would be "manly."   I do like the stripes in this one and am thinking stripes and solids perhaps?

Still don't have the urge to sew...   but perhaps I'll get inspired soon...


  1. I like that second one quite a bit. I may have to do it myself. Why don't you pretend your machine is busted... suddenly you will get the urge to sew because you can't!

  2. The second one would be really nice in solids and stripes for a manly quilt;)

  3. That is a cute Valentine quilt. And I can't imagine why, but I see that second one done up in plaids from men's shirts. : )
    Hope you get your mojo back soon.

  4. That's an impressive use of HST!

    My friend Cindy, from Tops to Treasures, will be pleased you liked her "Love" quilt so much!

  5. I hope you find your sewing mojo soon, Freda. It's a pest when that goes walkabout! :o)

  6. I hit a quilting slump occasionally too...I hope this is a short one. I miss it when you aren't active.

  7. No interest in quilting sounds very scary, I hope it's very temporary Freda.
    Maby looking at quilts will bring back the inspiration soon.
    I can see the second quilt in manly fabrics already.
    A big hug from over sea :o)

  8. Both quilts are great. I had wondered since there weren't any posts lately. The enthusiasm will come back after a little rest.

  9. Oh no! That happens to me with making glass, especially lately...though I did dust off the cobwebs and turn on the torch a couple days ago for a special order. Winter blahs I guess, but it's ok ~ a whole lot more fun to create with enthusiasm and excitement than just cranking out projects methodically! Btw, some of us can't wait to see that adorable Penelope pressure. :-)

  10. So tickled that you liked my project. (Lynne squeeled on you) I highly recommend using it to jump start your mojo. A little project for no reason in particular - just to play - is sometimes all I need to get back in the groove. AND you are right. It is perfect for scraps.

  11. Sometimes you lose your mojo, but it does come back, I usually end up giving my work room a good tidy up, by the time I'm finished I've found something to pique my interest in quilting again, just do what makes you happy :)

  12. I don't know if you've found your inspiration, but I really like that pattern and will be making it as an American Hero quilt in the next few months! So you inspired me.