Thursday, June 21, 2018

Report from the sewing machine

Granddaughter #2 was thrilled with her new romper and, after studying herself in the mirror behind  my bedroom door, sashayed around the house  in it.  *lol*  I insisted on a photo before she left...   

The fabric I chose for granddaughter #1's dress was a pretty, silky knit... but it was the devil to sew on.  Thank goodness it was a simple pattern.  The chiffon I used for the shrug was much easier to sew thankfully.

Hard to believe this one will be in high school come fall.

It's been hotter than blue blazes lately and I've been staying inside, enjoying both the air conditioning and the ceiling fan.  However, I did venture out for the appointment with the oncologist this afternoon.  After discussion, we agreed that no further treatment at this time is needed... and I will have mammograms twice a year for a while.    *whew*


  1. The girls are so big now! Glad for your good news and no more treatments for now. That is wonderful

  2. So happy to hear that you're in the monitoring stage now. Retirement will definitely be more fun! Love the outfits for the girls, and that they are pleased with your loving efforts.

  3. I am glad to hear things are good for you right now!
    Those are two very cute girls--and what a kind grandma to sew clothing for them! I'm glad my granddaughters aren't reading this. They might get ideas. :)

  4. Gracious, but those grandgirls have grown! Very snazzy romper, and the dress is stunning! You've still got it, at the machine gf. Such good news regarding your oncology report! ♥