Saturday, July 29, 2017

I sewed something!

Despite the sewing room pitch-and-toss/reorganization being done (...because the guy who was going to refinish my tub suddenly had a couple of days free and could do it "right now"!!! )  ...I did a little sewing today.

My DIL found an over-sized pillow and asked me to make a pillow cover for it so that grandson George can prop up and read with it behind his back.  BTW -  George is oldest grandchild who is going off to college in a couple of weeks.

With the closure of my LQS, the only options I have for fabric are Hobby Lobby and Walmart and I was fortunate to find some cotton duck/canvas that wouldn't be embarrassing for a college freshman (i.e., no flowers, kitties, or puppies)

I kept it simple (no zipper or buttons), just an envelope back...   but while I was sewing, I was reminded that my next sewing project needs to be a non-slip mat for the sewing machine pedal that likes to slide further and further out of reach.

I had pinned instructions for a non-slip sewing machine foot pedal mat (link) on Pinterest for this day...   and it will be my next project.  

After I finish up the sewing room redo, I am promising myself to clean up after every single project.  Anyone want to bet how long that resolution lasts???


  1. I'm sure that grandson will appreciate your efforts as he uses the pillow for many a reading session.
    The non-slip mat for the foot pedal looks like a clever thing.
    Clean up after every single project? Yeah, right! LOL

  2. I clean up the stuff from every project but the floor is another thing altogether. I noticed yesterday that the dust bunnies are now more the size of dust sheep so I really need to get in there with the vacuum. Sometime soon. Maybe. :oD

  3. Hey...I was wondering how the retirement was going. Big pillow and case for college will be used a lot.....he might need two! When I returned to quilting/sewing in 2000 it took me one year to clean up/finish up/get rid of all the projects in the closets. I finished 27 of them that year the rest were given away or trashed! I was ruthless.

  4. LOL...good luck with your new resolution. I've tried that more than once but always failed. Hugs

  5. Yeah, let us know how that thought works out for you, ha.
    The fabric choice for the pillow cover should be perfect for your grandson. Is that non slip pedal thing work on carpet? The top looks fool proof, I was wondering about the bottom. I too have the sliding problem on both my carpet and my vinyl flooring.

  6. Love the fabric... very masculine, and since all the arrows point in one direction kind of a model for his life.... point forward.
    Bet you last 2 projects.... I wouldn't last that long.