Sunday, March 15, 2015

UFO #2: Finished!

This morning, I finished UFO #2, which is now in the wash and will soon be all soft and crinkly.

I even drug the finished quilt out into the yard for a photo shoot... however, the photos aren't all that better than the ones I take inside.   


One good thing about having a bunch o' UFOs to finish is that one gets lots of practice quilting.  This is the first quilt I can say that I think I'm getting better!   Perfect?  No...  but no one will notice anything once it's out of the soft and crinkly machines!

For inquiring minds who want to know what's on the back since that was the hold up getting this finished...


Now.... onto UFO #3!    Uhm, I can't remember which project is UFO #3... will have to check.   *lol*


  1. Beautiful finish! I think your quilting looks great, and those soft and crinkly machines do hide a multitude of boo-boos, don't they? : )
    You are so funny. Keep us posted when you figure out what you are doing for #3!

  2. Your free-mo looks wonderful! Congrats on the finish. This is quite lovely......such pretty colors. And I love the outside photos....the soft shade enhances all of us and hides the wrinkles :)

  3. Love those kinds of sampler quilts... different sizes and kinds of blocks... much more interesting.
    As far as getting good pictures... I leave that to the pros. I'm a quilter - and BTW, so are you. We do the best pictures we can and that's that.
    Hope you can find your #3. I can't wait to see it.

  4. Oh how lovely this turned out! I remember you piecing it, back when I was a noob. ;-) These colors are so pleasing; is this one going on "my" bed? lol

  5. That really turned out pretty, I like those colors.

  6. It's absolutely gorgeous, Freda. Congrats on another completion! :o)

  7. Beautifully D-O-N-E! Which is so much better than perfect. The owner of the bed where this quilt will reside is going to love it. Lucky them!

  8. Great job Freda.....
    Looks perfect to me.