Friday, October 28, 2011

4 Patches 4 Hope

On October 4th, Regina of The Queen Bee's Buzz started a drive to collect 4-patch blocks and to raise funds for the American Cancer Association in memory of her mother who lost her fight with cancer this past summer.  October 4th was her mother's birthday.

Regina has started a blog for her project 4 Patches 4 Hope to keep track of the number of 4-patch blocks donated and the amount of funds raised.  Details are simple...  where to mail the blocks and how to make a donation are all included on this blog.  Please know that you do not have to make a donation if you'd like to contribute blocks.

Regina's goal is 1000 blocks and $4,000 by February 28, 2012.  The 4-patch blocks will be assembled into “comfort quilts” and donated to the Anderson Medical Center in Anderson, SC and the Pluta Cancer Center in Rochester, NY. 

I learned about this project from my blog friend Linda of Stray Stitches, who has already sent off her 4-patch blocks...

Photo blatantly swiped from Linda at Stray Stitches

...and I plan to make some scrappy 4-patch blocks this weekend in memory of Regina's mother and in memory of my mother who lost her battle with cancer in 1970.

Have a few fabric scraps and a couple of minutes?  Make a 4-patch... make a donation... make a difference! 


  1. Thanks for the info. My mom died of cancer in 1985 after a very long struggle. I will make up some blocks and send them off over the weekend.

  2. My grandfather and my father-in-law died of cancer, along with several friends. I will certainly be able to get some 4-patches mailed off.

  3. Will do, when my Crafty Corner is back in ship shape. Both of my folks died from 2 different cancers just 9 months apart from each other.

  4. A great initiative Freda, I think I'm gonna make a few blocks too.
    Nowadays everyone knows somebody who dies, lives with or survived cancer.

  5. 16 blocks made during our lovely snowstorm will be in the mail on Monday. Thanks for the info.